Why Do We Need Religion? (Kenapa Kita Perlu Beragama?)

6:07 PM
     Humans in modern times are more believe in science rather in religion. Therefore, science-based belief and mind-logical belief are exists. Talking about religion, their perspective are "religion is only for the ancients" and "there is no life after death". However, these non-religious people can still live in peace, even though they live without worshiping, living is still always abound.
     However, the Almighty will not create anything without a purpose, same goes to religion. Then, why do we need religion?"
1. To get justice
2. Finding a solution to the problem
3. Knowing why we were created by the Almighty
4. God's rule is the fairest. One deserve get for what one have done
5. To control desires, as religion taught us to being moderate

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