Hi everyone, Bunga Besi here

    I have so many names. Scha for short. I'm a student in one of public universities in Malaysia now is 23 years old and have my own goals after finished my studies in Agriculture. Making blogging activity is my hobby after photography/videography.

    This blog was founded on 8 April 2012 and named as 'The Peace Seeker'. After that I changed to 'La Storia: You, Me and Us' [soo old story of this] then I changed again to 'CSY: La Storia'. After 1 year, welcome to 'Bunga Besi' [Hopefully I can stick to this name] I wish to have an 'identity' of my own, so that when people talk about Bunga Besi, then they know its me :)   
                            ENJOY MY ENTRIES :)

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