Getting Off Braces

8:58 PM
                                                                  December 29, 2012
It would be a great history in my life,
last moments before 2013 come~
I couldn't imagine how my braces works till I got an excellent teeth like today
I'm getting my braces off!
Can't wait for this time
Wish all things going smooth, without any problems :)
As promised,
A pic after getting off braces....

However, I can't just let my teeth stand normally as I've just get it off, a RETAINER should be worn at all times so that the teeth won't get into its original position or get crowded again as in my case :(

You can just use it during night only, but it is RECOMMENDED to use it at all times [ Except when you are having extreme activities or taking meal ]

My Retainer?

It comes from many types and what type of retainer will you get is come from what package you're choosing because their price are differ :)

Getting off braces: Does it pain?
No, not pain at all..It is quick, less than 5 mins and you'll have a great smile! After that, the mold of your new teeth is taken so the doctor could make your retainer :)

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