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I miss high school life, where I found it nowhere..
I entered SMK Matunggong in 2007 and leave that school in 2011, after SPM [penduduk tetap] and become a pure Science student in 2010 which the name is TERBILANG
25 students consist of 13 boys and 12 girls [quite balance number]

* We are kinda 'hyperactive' class, could manage many things by our own - Winning the Most Cheerful Class during 'Hari Jalinan Kasih', Picnics and Class Farewell Party. Some of us represent the class in competitions organized in the school

Kelas paling manang hari tu

Boys - 13

Girls - 12
* yg tiada dalam gambar tuh orang2 yg snap gambar

We are the 6th batch since SMK Matunggong was established and we are the MOST naughty batch that ever been there -,- [semakin MENJADI-JADI masa tingkatan 5!]

* I still remember some juniors said "Eh, is that form 5 student? not look like" HAHAHA
* Our Mr Physics, Mr. Clarence ever put us infront of the kaki lima because some of us forgot to bring Physics book and everyone was looking at us! What makes us more embarrassed, our junior [4 Terbilang looked at us and giggled] --> Senior yg tak boleh dicontohi -,-
* We are busy preparing for our drama, Seloka Mat Jenin, choir, musical dance instead of preparing for SPM!
* Got 2 batch shirt - Orange and Grey :)

Musical dance during Teachers' Day celebration

The 1st song maybe

Nakal2 pun but result SPM still OK maa.. now, some studying in KML, me in Asasi and most of us are in Pre-U.. Not too forget, there are some friends dapat rezeki awal, already working. For me, no matter what path you are taking now but at the end, we are same - SUCCESS

Next time I'm going to talk bout everyone in my class, stay tune!

p/s: Miss you guys.. :')
       pics, cc: Aswani S

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