1S1B: A Joy Under the Sun

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    1S1B (1Student 1Bed in full) is a form of assessment which require us to grow plants in a plot or bed [batas]. The reasons of doing 1S1B are (1) Providing the knowledge on how to grow plants from plot clearing to crop harvesting (2) to familiarize students with the usage of machines (3) As a preparation for AKT subject in 3rd year [no kejutan budaya] (4) As an experience

    We started our 1S1B in early March. By working in a group of 10-12, we cleared our own plot. After that, we cangkul the soil to make a new plot in a standardized size, so that we can calculate the amount of fertilizers needed. Since FPL loss its own top soil [fertile soil] we dug it from somewhere else then put it on our plot. Yeah, both FPL siswa and siswi are muscular. 
    When top soil are done, we applied chicken dung to enhance its fertility [groups can do liming too] then we started to plant the desired crops. When you come to our bed, you can see many types of veges [kangkung, sawi, okra, bayam] and got watermelon too [wow]. My group chose okra, long bean, corn and water spinach [kangkung] because they take short time to mature. Each members are assigned to water the plants, everyday.
    3 months passed but our crops not yet matured, until the day of assessment. I still remember, on that day i was studying somewhere and fallen asleep. My friend texted me to come along, I rushed to the plot. During the assessment, we have to tell the examiner what we have done to the plants and the problems occur [eg: pest attack]. Sooner later, our lecturer posted the carry marks [including this 1S1B], Alhamdulillah we got a good mark from it, even though our crops are not that excellent as others.
    However, the most unlucky moment is i can't even taste all of our products except the okras, I feel soo rugi. 
    1S1B is a good starter for an agriculture student like me. Even though i'm familiar with agriculture but in here, i could learn the scientific ways of agriculture. Its far different from the agriculture I used to see in my village. As for those come from the city, they can familiar themselves how to cangkul the soil, applying agriculture practically, not only by theory. Dr. MBJ has a very brilliant idea to introduce this assessment, i heard that livestock students gonna have their own 1S1A [1Student 1Animal] too. It will be fun, believe me :)

Moral values: Make your efforts worth it or you couldn't eat any of them

p/s: See you guys in Sept!

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