Lanun Drinks @ Mile 6, Sandakan

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Assalamualaikum and hi there Readers,

Finally I got something to be written here *grin* and I think its kinda useful for those in Sandakan, Sabah especially, if you're looking for some places to chill and enjoy some COOL drinks like this

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Hulk Green Tea blend

This evening, I joined two of my friends Au and Oh for a short escape to find this cafe since we got no practical just now. Since then, Au really wanted to go to this cafe [Ini semua viral punya pasal] and I just followed [Though I'm on diet hahaha] so thanks to her finally we made it. Yet its not that easy, we have to go round several times just to find that cafe. We only known that Lanun Drinks is located behind Giant, but so many shops behind there right? So we went to IJM shoplots [ Urban Cafe area] but also found nothing. 

Eventually we found that cafe and it is located exactly behind Giant, besides a hair saloon [that provide service for muslimah]. Oh my... so wasting fuel [kalau minyak mahal? hahaha]. We entered and I was like, "Wow.. so many sticky notes" [Sorry no picture at the moment, it was crowd]. Its a good place with minimalist theme plus those woody table and chairs.

To order, you'll be given a paper to write down the drink you want. It comes in 3 sizes, small-big-giant [You can only order small ones for takeaway]. For the toppings [I mean that ice-cream, waffles, etc..] you don't have to choose it, they will deco it for you :) 

Lupa ah minuman apa ni...hahaha
sandakan cafe, shawl sandakan
Mr. Oh-kra

My Au and I 
This person so hungry so she ordered meatball cheese, costs only RM7.00. Suddenly reminds me of pizza
Meatball cheese

 As for review: "The meatball cheese was taste like a normal Bolognese sauce topped up with cheese. Wheww~ The drinks were a little bit less sweet but I guess that was because we ate the ice cream on top first (that actually was meant to sweeten the whole drinks!) So overall, it was good! Would definitely go there again. Haha"

BB: Hopefully they gonna add some menu like dishes

cafe in sandakan
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